About Me

It is my hope that all the work and agony that I have gone through may be spared to anyone that believes he/she might have this very painful and misunderstood illness. It is really hard to find good, thorough information and time is of essence.

I too have this Fibromyalgia, which sometimes leaves me to console myself with the lack of information and understanding even by those that claim to know. If you know someone and really wish for them to get better I would urgent you to grab the books mentioned in this website from your nearest bookstore or library --do not skim but rather devour them! 

You are not alone and there are many of us out there that may not even know we have this in us!  Knowledge is power and in this case... can be a real life savor either for yourself, a family member,child, friend,or partner.

I wish you the best in your search for thorough knowledge and pain relief.

Yours truly,


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